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so impt


scary post 4 u blog

”There’s no better person in the world than that guy. He’s the best. ”  - Dylan O’Brien.

Banshees don't predict dangerthey predict death.

happy birthday scott mccall.


Someone’s probably in love with you right now, even though you think you’re boring and stupid and smell bad most of the time, someone probably saw you last week and wiped their sweaty hands on the insides of their pockets and thought about your body under your clothing and about how you would look asleep in their bed

i can’t do that if i’m dead, you know.


you’re a teenage girl. you’re a kitsune.


how do you tell a teacher that her teaching methods are fucking stupid

teen wolf: a summary 




in all my years that i have been on this earth i have not played spin the bottle once. does this mean that i’ve never actually lived? do a lot of people actually even play spin the bottle? or is its importance and prevalence stretched and exaggerated in media? these are the questions of the hour

Are teen parties with alcohol and red solo cups even real?!!?!

Has anyone ever participated in a food fight?!?


Happy 43rd Birthday, Amy Meredith Poehler! [Born September 16th, 1971]

"I’ve always dreamed of growing up to be Amy Poehler." 


#Reminder that Kate Argent was not born a monster. #Reminder that Kate Argent lost people she loved too. #Reminder that ironically, Kate Argent became the number one thing she feared most: a monster. #Reminder that Kate Argent stopped the berserkers from killing Chris even though all he had for her was hatred.#Reminder that Kate was forced to work with Peter because she knew it was the only way to control her power and hopefully gain her brother back. #Reminder that Kate Argent was not born a monster.

This may make me sound like a bitch, but I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to steal someone else’s boyfriend. I bet it’s a pretty sick rush of power. 

Stiles in season 4 + being done